WELDING FUME Extraction systems

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Specialising in the supply and INSTALLATION OF WELDING  fume extraction systems


Don’t let a fume-filled environment cause illness and downtime at your facility. At Durnbury Ltd, we understand that the health and safety of your staff are of great importance to you. Whatever your extraction needs, we have the right solution. From fixed arm extraction systems to portable extraction systems which are easy to move around your workshop, our skilled technicians can supply and install the right extraction system to create a clean and safe working environment. Whether you require a single point system or multiple portable systems, we can help.


  • Welding fume extraction – fixed systems with self-supporting extraction arms and centralised extraction fan with either a mobile filter cart or filter box for welding fume or dust.
  • Hi-vacuum systems – centralised hi-vacuum systems installed around the vehicle body repair workshop complete with service modules for on-tool extraction from source.
  • Portable high vacuum units – for on-tool extraction.
  • Wood dust extraction systems – filter Max DX centralized extraction systems for the collection of wood dust from various sawing, planing and sanding machinery.
  • Benchtop extraction systems – for extracting fumes from soldering or chemicals.

      portable WELDING EXTRACTION 

      • Offer solutions and flexibility to your workplace and workforce with a 360 degree operating                  radius and easily moveable around your workshop.
      • Suitable for occasional to permanent use.
      • Disposable or cleanable filters as required.
      • Excellent capture rate due to being able to place the extractor directly onto the exposed                  welding fumes, reducing the risk of hazardous substances.
      • Single phase and three phase options are available.
      • Improve your workplace environment and protect your employees health. 



      We can service and repair all types of welding fume extraction systems using our own competent trained P601 engineers. We have supplied and installed numerous welding fume extraction systems to a variety of different sectors including defence, education, automotive, transport and manufacturing.

      HSE HSG258 states that “employers must ensure that through examination and testing of their protective LEV is carried out at least every 14 months (unless otherwise stipulated)”. Here at Durnbury we recommend testing your LEV system once every 12 months. 

      WE ARE SPECIALISTS in dust, welding and exhaust fume EXTRACTION SYSTEMS. For an installation service in Essex and across the UK, contact our team today.

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