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Specialising in the supply and fitting of dust and wood extraction systems.

Ensure a clean environment in your workshop

At Durnbury Ltd, we understand that the health and safety of your staff are of great importance to you. Repeated exposure to harmful dusts such as wood dust, can lead to nasty diseases such as asthma and can cause rare types of cancer. Whatever your extraction needs, we have the right solution. From bench top extraction to portable systems, our skilled technicians can supply and install the right extraction system to create a clean and safe working environment. Whether you require a single drop point system or a benchtop on-tool extraction, we can help.

WOOD DUST extraction

  • Wood dust extraction not only helps to protect your employees, but also protects the environment they’re working in, creating a safer and cleaner workplace for all. 

WOOD DUST extraction solutions

  • Fixed duct systems, downdraft benches and on tool extraction ideal for medium sized workshops.
  • Compact wood dust extraction allows for powerful extraction at source.
  • Improve air quality around your workshop.
  • Filter Max DX centralized extraction systems for the collection of wood dust from various sawing, planing and sanding machinery.
  • Portable systems ideal for those smaller workshops. 
  • Wood waste can be profitably converted and recycled into new material (such as MDF).



We can service and repair all types of wood and dust extraction systems whatever the manufacturer, using our own competent trained to P601 engineers. We have supplied and installed numerous wood and dust extraction systems to a variety of national and local businesses.

HSE HSG258 states that “employers must ensure that through examination and testing of their protective LEV is carried out at least every 14 months (unless otherwise stipulated)”. Here at Durnbury we recommend testing your LEV system once every 12 months. 

WE ARE SPECIALISTS in dust, welding and exhaust fume EXTRACTION SYSTEMS. For an installation service in Essex and across the UK, contact our team today.

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