Compressed air system installation specialists in Essex

Supply, fitting and repair of high-quality workshop equipment.

Exclusive range of industrial equipment

Looking for a high-performance compression system? Contact the team at Durnbury Ltd. Equipped with an extensive selection of technically-advanced equipment, we take pride in our ability to combine traditional methods with the latest tools to deliver results that will make a positive impact on your business. Our skilled technicians can supply, install and repair the following pieces of equipment:

  • Piston compressors
  • Rotary screw compressors
  • Air driers / filters / regulators
  • Air net aluminium and galvanised steel pipework
  • Self-retracting air hose reels
  • Service modules
  • Air hose and fittings
  • Sir couplers and connectors
  • Trust in our experience

    Established in 1967, Durnbury Ltd has served several major oil and car rental companies. We have the knowledge and the experience to tackle projects of any size.

    Maximise your productivity

    Whatever process you need to optimise, we will supply the equipment you require. Contact us for extraction systems, consumables and leasing of industrial equipment.

    For compressed air system installations and repairs in Essex, Norfolk, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Kent and London, call Durnbury Ltd.

    01787 475 351