Dealers of workshop consumables

Products designed to enhance the efficiency of your workshop.

We have a wide range of workshop consumables


At Durnbury Ltd, we stock a comprehensive range of workshop consumables designed to serve a variety of needs and applications. You can increase the productivity of your unit with our superior range of products. We supply parts for the following: 

– Lubrication equipment 

– Cleaning equipment

– Wet and dry vacuum cleaners

– Compressed air systems

– Vehicle lifts and MOT equipment

– Exhaust fume extraction systems 

– Dust and welding fume extraction systems


Supply and repair service

Whether you are an engineer in need of parts or you require complete maintenance service, we can help. All our consumables are engineered to optimise the functioning of your unit.

Your one-stop shop

In addition to consumables, we also offer extraction systems, compressed air systems, lubrication systems, valeting equipment and workshop furniture. Get in touch with us today to see how we can assist you. 

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