Dealers of lubrication systems and oil pumps in Essex

Supply, installation and servicing of lubrication systems.

Durable and cost-effective lubrication systems

At Durnbury Ltd, we offer a range of lubrication systems that will make a positive impact on the productivity of your unit. Whether you need a new oil pump or a hose, you can count on us for the supply of quality lubrication systems.

  • Our product line includes:
  • Oil pumps, air or electric operated
  • Oil supply and waste oil tanks
  • Self-retracting oil hose reels
  • Hose end meters / in-line meters
  • Waste oil drainers and pumps
  • Oil monitoring systems
  • Galvanized steel oil pipework
  • Grease pumps/guns and dispensers
  • Reduce turnaround time

    Do you need to meet tight deadlines? Make the process easier by choosing Durnbury Ltd.
    Our lubrication systems will help your machinery perform complex tasks with ease and
    efficiency. Contact our team today for supply, installation, service and repair of lubrication systems and oil pumps. 

    fluid management systems

    Proactively manage your day-to-day oil consumption with our fluid management systems. We offer a range of hose reels designed for small garages to HGV service centres. These retractable hose reels can handle common shop fluids, lubricating grease, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, gear oils and windscreeen wash. 



    Ensure your machinery runs smoothly with lubrication systems from Durnbury Ltd. Call us if you are in Essex, Norfolk, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Kent or London.

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