VEHICLE EXHAUST Extraction systems

installed NATIONWIDE


Ensure a clean and safe environment in your workshop

Don’t let a fume-filled environment cause illness and downtime at your facility. At Durnbury Ltd, we understand that the health and safety of your staff are of great importance to you. Whatever your extraction needs, we have the right solution. From hose reel systems, drop point systems and rail systems, our skilled technicians can supply and install the right extraction system to create a clean and safe working environment. Whether you require a single drop point system for your workshop or multiple hose reel systems, we can help.

hose reel systems

  • Spring or electronically operated 
  • The reel is fixed at high level to keep the workshop free from obstruction
  • Flexible hoses and heat resistant up to 200 degrees 
  • Enables you to deal with the problem (vehicle exhaust fumes) at source
  • Ideal for workshops with limited floor space
  • Bespoke design service to suit your requirements

DROP POINT systems

  • Ideal for smaller workshops and MOT bays 
  • A cost-effective alternative to hose reel systems
  • Hoses can be stored away on J hooks keeping your workshop floor tidy when not in use 
  • The drop points can either be fixed or semi-flexible 
  • Connect your system via one of our wide range of nozzles
  • Individually designed and installed to meet your requirements

RAIL systems

  • Suitable for fire and emergency services 
  • Automatically disconnects from the vehicle upon exit
  • The fan will automatically cut out after a pre-set time once the nozzles have been                                              disconnected, ensuring all fumes are eliminated from the workshop
  • Comes with a safety coupling, which helps to prevents damage to the vehicle 

LEV testing (Local exhaust ventilation) AND MAINTENANCE 

In accordance with COSHH 2002 regulations and HSG 258, the interval of examination for all LEV systems is at least once every 14 months. Here at Durnbury we recommend having your systems tested once every 12 months. We can test, service and repair all types of vehicle exhaust extraction systems whatever the manufacturer, using our own P601 trained engineers.   

WE ARE SPECIALISTS in dust, welding and exhaust fume EXTRACTION SYSTEMS. For an installation service ACROSS THE UK, CONTACT OUR TEAM TODAY.

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